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Brahmins, eternal spiritual body which is full of bliss and who adheres to the principles such as acceptance of vedas with reverence and works for the welfare of entire society. Namboothiris, the upper class of brahmin community and is divided into different gothras. The family karakkatillam belongs to vishwamithra gothra.

The ancestors of the family hails from karnataka, came to payyannur with the special invitation of rulers of payyanur and they did many good things for the villagers and laid idol of arathil devil temple. With the special request of king of travancore, they involved in teaching brahmin and kshethriya children about vedas and puranas and the Supreme greatness as a token of appreciation gave them 7 acres of land at pallipad without tax and also costructed a building for them by uliyanoor architects.

The ancestors who were kown for their knowledge in vedas and thanthrik manthrik karmas served as priest in sri sucheendram temple by the request of King of Sree Pathmnabhapuran. After long years they came to Chennithala and built an illam there and practiced thanthrik manthrik karmas, astrology and they continuing it successfully till date. They solved problems of peoples from different religions and also for the personalities from political and film field.